Looking Amazing At Prom

Prom is a big day for every teenager and if your teen is currently getting ready for prom, there is no doubt she is excited and asking for the most expensive dress because all of her friends are wearing dresses that cost thousands. However, with the current cost of living, investing thousands of dollars to buy a dress for just one night just does not make sense and yet, you must be torn between giving your daughter the prom experience of a lifetime and saving that money that she is trying to invest in the dress.

Make your own project

One great idea is to involve your daughter in a make your own dress project. At first, she is unlikely to agree to it as she will have many suspicions about building a dress from scratch. Explain to her that with a dress that she designed herself, she has the chance to be unique and she will have a story to tell every time someone comments about her dress. Another thing about having a project of this sort is that it will give you and your daughter some well-deserved time with each other that you might not always have the opportunity to have. You can start with a wardrobe and closet evaluation to find a dress that you can work with as the base of the amazing prom dress that you are going to create. This can be a simple old dress that you have in your closet or she has in hers that you will build on.

If you do not have a dress of this sort in your closet, you can go to a second hand store or a charity thrift store and look for one. The dress will have to simple as this will allow you to work magic on it. It will serve as your blank canvas that you can then up cycle, add décor to, add detail to and recreate to make it look magical. On the day of the event, you can be your daughter’s personal stylist by giving her a pretty hairstyle that is not over the top but simple and yet, elegant.

You could show her just how many young girls have made their own dresses and become famous by doing so because their dresses have been so unique and have stood out in the waves of expensive but similar evening gowns. You can even work with a theme such as the eighties or even vintage so that you will have an idea at one you are aiming at.