Top 5 Planning Tips For Your Special Occasion

You may have planned your big day for months or years, but there is always something which you may miss out on. However, there are certain aspects which you must pay attention to during the planning process in order to ensure that you get the wedding of your dreams.
The initial step to planning for any occasion is to set a budget. This would ensure that you avoid spending excess amounts of money on unnecessary details. Moreover, this is important as it would help you prevent taking extra loans which could result in you falling into debt after the wedding is over. Plan your budget carefully and decide on which areas you wish to spend a little extra, so that you can spend less on trivial aspects. Research online for good deals on packages, for example: several companies offer customized local and destination wedding packages to suit the needs of each couple.
Hire a professional
If you are planning on hosting a grand ceremony and reception with a large number of guests, then it would be advisable to hire a wedding planner to take care of the planning process. Since you would already be stressed during your wedding week, any additional issues with regard to vendors would increase your stress. However, if you hire a planner, all the details will be taken care of and planned carefully according to your preferences.
Consider the type
Each wedding has a different set of requirements which means that the planning process differs for each other. Therefore, you must have a checklist to ensure that you have completed the necessary formalities. For example: the requirements for civil wedding might not include elaborate decorations and large scale catering (as it is an intimate gathering) whereas a wedding held at a banquet hall would need a beautiful entrance, décor and catering for a larger audience. Therefore, consider the type of wedding and what the requirements would be.
Choose vendors carefully.
We are often tempted to choose a company which offers a cheaper price for their goods, rather than checking on their quality. Therefore, it is best to arrange a meeting with the caterers and cake decorators in order to taste the food before selecting it. Moreover, book a trial session with the hair and makeup artist to decide on the final look for your wedding. Meetings with florists, decorators and venue managers are also essential to discuss and finalize the details for the big day. Therefore, this would ensure that you are aware of the service which your vendors are offering.
If you want to be a happy bride on your big day, avoid stressing over the tiniest of details and remember to let go a little. Enjoy your wedding as this day doesn’t come back and if the bride is happy then the guests are bound to feel the same.

Four Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Usage

If you take a look around your house, you’ll probably realize that from plastic water bottles to disposable food containers, most of the products we use every day have some element of plastics in them. Naturally, switching from plastics to more eco-friendly products can be pretty tough, but this will not be impossible. These are four simple ways by which you can distance yourself from plastics.

Go for bulk products

Most companies use quite a lot of plastic when packaging products, which indicates that every item you purchase will be wrapped in some form of plastic package. Having said that, you can simply stay away from buying stuff due to plastics wraps that come along with these. So how can you bypass using wasting a ton of unwanted plastic wraps? Consider buying in bulk. For instance, buying a pack of 10 toilet paper rolls will leave you with less plastic than when buying 10 rolls separately.

Opt for glass or cans

Are you yearning for a lemonade? Instead of buy a plastic bottle off the self, get a glass bottle or a canned soft drink. It is easy for waste recycling centers to decompose glass and aluminum as compared to decomposing plastics. If you have a choice, always go for drinks that comes in glass bottles and aluminum cans. Or even better, instead of commercially produced carbonated drinks, make your own juice.

Get rid of plastic food containers

Are you one of them who pack your lunch is a plastic container or store left overs in a zip lock bag after a dinner party? It might not strike you, but the practice of packing up food waste quite a lot of plastic. Next time you pack your lunch to office or refrigerate left overs, avoid using cling wraps and use glass containers. Avoid using plastic or other disposable plates and cups at your next dinner party. Cleaning glass plates and tumbler after everyone leave won’t be any easy, but recycling two dozens of plastic cups and plates won’t be so simple either. Link here to gain information about recycling in Dubai.

Reuse plastic bags

Next time you shop at a local farmer’s market or go grocery shopping, take your own reusable bag or a plastic container. Instead of carrying half a dozen of plastic bags home every time you do grocery shopping, it is ecofriendly to take your own plastic bang along. Besides, with many grocery stores charging you for new plastic bags, with a reusable bag, you will be saving few dollars.